Stress Management Through Yoga

Learn yoga-based​, take-home techniques that will help you to release and reduce the negative effects of chronic stress that have been accumulating in your body and mind. Come experience a deep, rejuvenating sense of calm and relaxation that will help:

reduce your stress response
improve sleep
reduce anxiety and muscle tension, and 
improve your overall sense of well-being

Symptoms of Stress

​​Do you think you might be stressed?  Do you experience any of these symptoms?

Muscle tension or pain
Neck and shoulder pain
Jaw Tension
Nervous Stomach
Feeling like you can’t slow down
Trouble sleeping
Lack of motivation or focus
Irritability or anger
Overeating or under eating

Recommendations & What You Will Learn

Download a flier​ that details recommendations for the class, and what you will learn.​

Sign Up Today

For more information, or to sign up, please contact Christian Leandro at 310-794-4923.