All registered students are automatically enrolled into the UC SHIP insurance plan.  Please keep in mind that waiving is an annual process and must be completed every academic year to avoid being automatically assessed and enrolled into UC SHIP.  If you are currently covered under a private health plan and do not wish to be dually covered with UC SHIP, you may submit an online application to waive out of the student health insurance plan. 


The UC SHIP Waiver is now live!  Should you wish to opt out of the Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP), please be sure to do so by your school's approrpiate waiver deadline dates.


  • UC SHIP Waiver Application
    • Semester programs (Med/Law) and Early Start Graduate programs (FEMBA, MBA & Arch and Urban Planing 1st Years) will have access to the waiver application beginning June 10th 2019.  Our sincerest apologies for the delay.  Please review the UC SHIP waiver calendar for approriate waiver deadline dates.
    • Quarter programs (graduate/undergraduate students) will have access to the waiver site beginning July 1st - August 31st, 2019.
Important Things to Note:
  • Those with third party access are unable to log onto the UC SHIP waiver application with their sign-on credentials.  Only registered UCLA students will have access to the site.  
  • UC SHIP waivers processed will be subject to a 100% audit.  When accessing the application, students will be asked to upload their insurance information (i.e. their insurance ID card/policy booklet) for review.
  • When applications are submitted, a tentaive approved or denied result will be shown.  Denied applications will have the opportunity to log back onto the system to make appropriate edits to the original application.
  • Once an application is tentatively approved, the insurance information will be reviewed by AHP for accuracy.  After a complete audit has been performed, AHP will update the waiver status from tentative approved to final approved and will connect with UCLA Ashe Center to initiate removing the premium fee from the BruinBill,
  • Due to the addition of the real time audit, we have moved up the waiver deadline dates to account for any pending statuses on student accounts prior to the fee payment deadline date (please check your respective academic calendars for these dates).
  • If a waiver is denied, an appeal may be returned to the Ashe Insurance Office for waiver reconsideration by submitting proof of current insurance coverage from your health insurance plan.