Yellow Fever Vaccine

The Yellow Fever vaccine is currently in short supply. According to the manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur, they are experiencing a delay in lot releases for the single-dose vials.

Due to the high demand for this presentation, public and community health clinics and other community locations that offer vaccines have a depleted supply and are restricted on when and how they may re-order.

At this time, the Ashe Travel Clinic is unable to order more vaccine from Sanofi Pasteur until mid-January 2016. 

If you know you will be traveling to a country that requires Yellow Fever vaccination prior to this date, please contact the
UCLA Travel and Tropical Medicine office in Westwood (310) 206-7663 to check on vaccine availability. 

You will need a referral from your Primary Care Provider to been seen at this clinic. 

Note: The office visit will have a specialist copayment of $15 for SHIP students.