Introducing Ashe's ASAP Clinic

Whether it’s navigating a full course load, extracurricular obligations, or working to pay the bills, UCLA Bruins have very busy schedules, and part of our mission to support UCLA students in the successful attainment of their educational goals means understanding that sometimes students just need to see healthcare provider today.

Appointments Are Limited, Please Arrive Early

For this reason, Ashes New ASAP Clinic is pleased to introduce a same-day walk-in clinic designed to treat patients suffering from urgent medical health issues, illness or injury – even if a visit with their primary care provider (PCP) may not be immediately available. ​


1. Visit the third floor clinic station located at the center of The Ashe Center 3rd floor to check in for your visit.

2. Once you've checked in, proceed to the ASAP Clinic Waiting Room at the rear of The Ashe Center 3rd floor. The ASAP Clinic Waiting Room is located at the end of the hallway on the third floor. At the end of the hallway, turn left and then make another immediate left into the ASAP Waiting Room. 

3. Please wait to be called for your visit.

Designed to Treat Illness & Injury

Though the ASAP Clinic will not be first come, first serve – as patients with more emergent issues will need prioritization – all UCLA Bruins will receive their care from qualified and licensed, board-certified medical doctors, registered nurses, or nurse practitioners.​

Not Designed For Routine Care

Please note: Ashe’s ASAP Clinic is not intended to accommodate routine physicals, health clearance assessments, or any sports pre-participation exams. That said, ASAP Clinic providers commit to providing you with the same level of high-quality, compassionate and reliable healthcare, with an increased focus on improving availability and making your Ashe visit as convenient as possible.