New Product Information

​New Options for Ray-Ban prescription lenses at U See LA

Ray-Ban Logo Service on Prescription Lenses now available!  No pair of Ray-Ban’s would be complete without their unique stamp of authenticity.  Just like regular Ray-Ban lenses, prescription lenses feature the Ray-Ban logo in the corner of the right lens with the Ray-Ban initials engraved on the left.

All Ray-Ban lens colors available! The new prescription glasses look identical to the classics. From the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers to the newest designs, each is completely adaptable to the wearer's visual needs. We know our patients love the wide variety of lens colors Ray-Ban offers: with their new service we can combine prescription seamlessly with the wearer's signature style. With colors ranging from standard g-15 to flash and gradients, each pair of prescription Ray-Bans is completely authentic to the original designs.

Stop by and speak to an optician for details.

Opticwash automated eyeglass cleaner now at U See LA Optometry

Get your glasses cleaned in our state of the art automated Opticwash!  Opticwash thoroughly and gently cleans and dries your glasses using no chemicals or heat and kills 99% of all bacteria, even cleaning parts of the glasses you can’t reach.  

A $10 loyalty card gets you 20 washes, available for purchase at U See LA.

Dragon Eyewear now available at U See LA

In 1993, in a garage in Capo Beach, CA, founder Will Howard aimed to build a company that encompassed his passions for surfing, snowboarding, and riding dirt bikes. Enthusiasm and knowledge of the market bore Dragon’s first and still primary product, sunglasses. The company began distributing to local surf shops before expanding to Hawaii and Florida, and later Australia and other international markets.

Dragon gradually extended its reach as well, developing innovative, diversified products in all eyewear categories. With an emphasis on creating functional, high-quality merchandise that appealed to the youth market and pushed the status quo. Stop by U See LA Optometry to see our new Dragon ophthalmic frames and sunglass styles.

Eyewear Blue Light protection options at U See LA  

Blue Light is the color on the visible spectrum that has the strongest energy.  It is most commonly found in sunlight which transmits 25 to 30% during the day.  Digital devices can also expose us to increased levels of blue light, especially on campus where we’re always using smart phones, tablets or computers.

Continued or overexposure to blue light can lead to eye strain, dry eyes, and disruption of your sleep cycle. Studies also show that blue light can possibly contribute to or aggravate macular degeneration.  U See LA Optometry has prescription lens and coating options that will help block a significant portion of blue light transmissions.  Call us or stop by to speak to an optician for details.