Introducing LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online makes accessing health services easy when The Ashe Center is closed, or when you’re simply away from campus.

Your UC SHIP plan makes seeing a doctor easy when The Ashe Center is not available to you (building closures, away from campus, or if you just have a very busy schedule that prevents you from scheduling an in-person appointment). With LiveHealth Online you have the ability to see board-certified medical professionals for things like the flu, common colds, and more, available through your phone, tablet or computer with internet access. 

UC SHIP has partnered with LiveHealthOnline for online video appointments (telemedicine) with a physician when The Ashe Center is closed. 

Hours & Cost
LiveHealth Online is available 24 hours a day on weekdays, all weekends and campus holidays. The cost for students with UC SHIP is $10; you will indicate your UC SHIP/ Anthem enrollment when you register for an account. Students who have waived UC SHIP may also sign up to use LiveHealth Online for $49 per visit/ session. ​​
How to Access LiveHealth Online
Accessing LiveHealth Online is simple and easy:
  • Either go to LiveHealth Online or download the mobile app through Google Play or the App Store
  • Register using your UC SHIP Anthem ID number (without UC SHIP, just sign up without an insurance plan. Note: Waiver students pay $49) 
    • ​For the question: "Do you have health insurance?" Select "Yes."
    • From the Health Plan drop-down, select "Anthem Blue Cross (CA)"
    • Enter your Subscriber ID
    • Your Subscriber ID is found on your UC SHIP insurance card -- you can access this using the StudentHealth mobile app. Your subscriber ID will begin with the characters XDP.
    • For the question: "Are you the primary subscriber?" Select "Yes."
    • Click "Finish" and you will be directed to The Ashe Center page for accessing LiveHealth sessions.
  • Access a doctor visit online
  • Lastly, for the best coordination of your care, please select the option at the end of the visit to send post-visit records to The Ashe Center. The email where you will send these records is:​.
LiveHealth Online
Important Tips

​To sign up for LiveHealth Online, or to access a telemedicine visit at any time, visit the LiveHealth Online website.

You can also access telemedicine using the LiveHealth Online mobile app at any time. Download the LiveHealth Online mobile app (Google Store, App Store​).

You will need your Anthem ID (Subscriber #) to participate in this service. It is located on your Anthem/ UC SHIP insurance card, available in the StudentHealth app. Download the app here​!

The cost for UC SHIP students per session is $10. The cost for UCLA students who have waived UC SHIP is $49 per session.