Primary Care Providers (PCP)
To provide our patients with high quality care, all students are assigned an Ashe health care provider as their Primary Care Provider (PCP) that is either physician or nurse practitioner with training in family practice, pediatrics, or internal medicine. A PCP will:
  • Provide preventive care and health teaching
  • Identify and treat common medical conditions
  • Assess the urgency of your medical problems and direct you to the best place for care
  • Make referrals to medical specialists when necessary
Seeing the same clinician whenever you need healthcare will lead to a more personal and effective interaction.
You can find your PCP electronically by visiting our online Patient Portal. Once logged in, choose “PROFILE” from the menu to see the name of your PCP. You can then send them an email by choosing “MESSAGE” or schedule an appointment with them by choosing “APPOINTMENT”.
If you would like to change your PCP, you can submit a request on our Contact Us page. Your request will be processed within 2 business days.
Learn More about our Ashe PCPs below: