Dependent Coverage
Undergraduate, graduate and professional students who are enrolled in UC SHIP have the option to enroll eligible dependents in a voluntary insurance plan. The plan provides Anthem Blue Cross PPO medical insurance with the option to purchase Delta Dental benefits.

UC SHIP Dependent Flyer
Enrollment in the dependent plan is managed by Wells Fargo Insurance Services (on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross) and the cost of insurance (premiums) for dependents is paid directly to Wells Fargo. Student Health Services DOES NOT manage the enrollment or collect payments for the dependent plan.
Click here for the summaries of medical benefits and pharmacy benefits for dependents. For additional information, please contact Wells Fargo at 800-853-5899.
Dependent Enrollment Forms and Premium Fees
Coverage for eligible dependents will not be effective prior to that of the insured student, or extend beyond that of the insured student. Dependent enrollment/re-enrollment in the dependent plan is not automatic. Eligible dependents must be re-enrolled each subsequent quarter/semester in order to continue coverage under the dependent plan.
Click on the links to the right for the Dependent Enrollment Forms. These contain the enrollment deadlines, periods of coverage, the costs for each dependent, and other information.
Are you expecting? Click here for information about Anthem's Future Mom Program through UC SHIP.

UCLA UC SHIP Dependents 2017-2018 Premium Fees
Partner of Student Per Semester Per Quarter
Graduate​ (medical, dental, vision)
​$3,251.24 $2,167.49
​Undergraduate (medical, dental, vision)
​N/A $1,851.35
​Graduate (medical only) ​$3,119.00 ​$2,079.33
​Undergraduate (medical only)
​N/A $1,785.00
​Child(ren) of Student
Graduate​ (medical, dental, vision) ​$2,828.06 $1,885.37
​Undergraduate (medical, dental,vision)
​Graduate (medical only) ​$2,697.00 ​$1,798.00
​Undergraduate (medical only)
N/A ​$1,543.67
​Partner +Child(ren) of Student (Family)
​Graduate (medical, dental, vision) ​$5,896.07 ​$3,930.71
​Undergraduate (medica, dental, vision) ​N/A ​$3,349.01
Family Premium
​Graduate (medical only)
​$5,653.00 ​$3,768.67
​Undergraduate (medical only) N/A ​$3,232.67

Enrollment in the UC SHIP dependent voluntary plan is managed by Wells Fargo Insurance Services (on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross) and the cost of insurance (premiums) for dependents is paid directly to Wells Fargo. The Ashe Center DOES NOT manage the enrollment or collect premium fees for the dependent plan.

Wells Fargo customer service can be reached at 800/853-5899

Dependent coverage is not automatically renewed.

For dependent questions regarding medical & behavioral health benefits, network providers, prescription benefits, and Blue View Vision, contact Anthem Blue Cross at 866/940-8306, and for dental information contact Delta Dental at 800/765-6003.
Dependent Documentation
Dependents are required to provide proof of dependent status; the following documents will be accepted: 
  • For spouse, a marriage certificate
  • For same sex domestic partner, a declaration of independent partnership issued by the state of California
  • For a natural child under the age of 26, a birth certificate showing the student is the parent of the child.
Alternate Insurance Resources

For additional options for dependent coverage, pleaseclick here to see our list of insurance of providers.

Contact Information
Dependent Plan Enrollment:
Wells Fargo Customer Service
(800) 853-5899 
Medical and Vision:
Anthem Bue Cross
(866) 940-8406
Delta Dental
(800) 765-6003
Related Forms and Documents
Dental & Vision
UC SHIP Dependent Dental and Vision Plans are the same as the student plans.
You can find the Delta Dental and Blue View Vision benefit summaries and booklets on the Description of Benefits page on the UCLA home page at