Ashe Clinics
The Ashe Center offers a variety of services though our Secure Patient Portal and is structured to help facilitate making the appropriate appointment because sometimes it’s difficult to decide which clinic your health concern fits into. The following is a description of the main clinics offered at The Ashe Center:
  • Primary Care Clinic: diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, and ongoing conditions; screening for sexually transmitted infections and diagnosis of male urinary/genital disorders; preventative health counseling and education
  • Women’s Health Clinic: well-woman exam, birth control advice, pregnancy testing and counseling, screening for sexually transmitted infections, diagnosis of gynecological disorders
  • Immunization Clinic: routine immunizations, tuberculosis (TB) skin tests, allergy shots, and other vaccinations
  • Health Clearance Clinic: provides a statement of health or medical clearance forms signed by a physician or nurse practitioner for graduate schools, employment, or volunteer work
  • Travel Clinic: complete evaluations customized to your health status and travel plans, including advice, immunizations, and prescriptions as needed
  • Mind/Body Clinic: acupuncture and massage appointments
  • Optometry: well eye exams, glasses, and contact lens prescriptions​ (now located in Ackerman Union​)

Various in-house specialty clinics are also offered every quarter. In-house specialty clinics and physical therapy appointments require an internal referral from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) before your first appointment can be scheduled. To schedule an appointment online, please feel free to visit our Secure Patient Portal.
Pro Tips
Navigating Ashe Center

​For Laboratory/ Radiology
Head straight to the back of Floor 1, no need to check in with the Scheduling desk on the first floor. 

​For ASAP Clinic Visits
Check in at the Clinic Station on Floor 3, then head to the back of Floor 3 to wait in the ASAP Clinic Waiting Room.

For Ashe Pharmacy
Bruin Health Pharmacy, an Extension of The Ashe Center, is now located on the A-Level of Ackerman Union.

More questions? Check the map​.