Urgent Care Facilities
We realize that getting sick is not always predictable. In the event that you need to seek medical care when The Ashe Center is closed, remember that all currently registered UCLA students have access to advice & information from a registered nurse through the After Hours NurseLine at (310) 825-4073.

In-network (Anthem Blue Cross) urgent care visits have a $25 co-payment.  Emergency room visits at participating Anthem in-network facilities have a co-payment of $125.  If you are admitted, this co-payment will be waived and you will be charged the hospitilization co-insurance rate.  For an additional breakdown of these fees, please click here.
Additionally, the UCLA Emergency Room can be reached directly at (310) 825-2111. Remember that it is important to follow up with your Ashe Center Primary Care Provider (PCP) at least 24-48 hours after being seen in an urgent care facility to ensure continuity of care. 
For mental health-related concerns when the Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is closed, you may speak with a CAPS Crisis Clinician by calling (310) 825-0768.
In the event that you prefer to search for an urgent care facility near you, you may do so at the facilities listed below or by clicking this link to find urgent care facilities within 10 miles of campus.

If you go to a non-participating Anthem Blue Cross urgent care center, deductible will be applied and the claim will be covered at 60 percent of the maximum allowed amount. You may be held liable for any amount over the maximum allowed amount.
Urgent Care Centers within 10 Miles of UCLA
For an up-to-date list of urgent care centers within the UCLA area, please download the PDF guide here​.​

Note: The Ashe Center does not promote or endorse any outside provider/facility. We also cannot confirm urgent care holiday hours. We offer this instructional information as courtesy to you. If the Urgent Care Center is closed, you can also seek medical emergency care at the Ronald Reagan Westwood or Santa Monica UCLA Medical Centers. Refer to the insurance page for a summary of urgent care plan benefits.
Are you outside of the UCLA area?
Please visit the Anthem Blue Cross website and click on “Find a Medical Provider” to locate an Urgent Care Center in your area.
Remember that you and your insurance company will be responsible for the total cost of any care you receive outside of The Ashe Center. It is important to carry your UC SHIP Anthem Blue Cross insurance card with you.