Travelers Insurance
Travelers insurance provides emergency assistance with both medical and travel needs.
Enrollees in the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) are covered for approved medical expenses incurred while abroad through Anthem Blue Cross (BlueCard PPO and BlueCard Worldwide Programs, read more) as well as the UC SHIP ACE Travel Assistance Program for travelers on official University business.
Students traveling out-of-state or out-of-country on university business, such as for clinical rotations, field projects, research, or conferences, are entitled to University of California travel insurance through ACE. Note that this insurance is valid for university business only; leisure trips are not covered.
ACE Insurance is free but enrollment is not automatic. You must enroll each time you travel, and benefits vary depending on whether you are traveling inside California, within the United States, or abroad.
To download a pdf explaining UC SHIP Traveler's Insurance,click here.
Need to find a medical provider while you are traveling? Click here to search for an Anthem provider near you.
A Note about Billing
Most foreign clinics and providers will not bill your insurance directly and will require you to pay your bill at the time care is rendered. To get reimbursed, you will need to follow the instructions regarding International Claims. It is often impossible to obtain foreign medical records once you have departed the area, so be sure to obtain this paperwork before you return home. A UCLA Ashe Center referral is required for all non emergency situations.
Related Forms and Documents
Travelers Insurance
For questions about Travelers insurance: Call Risk Management at
(310) 794-6948
To make an appointment for pre-travel care and immunizations: Call Student Health at (310) 825-4073
Anthem Worldwide
Inside USA: (800) 810-2583
Outside USA (collect): (804) 673-1177
To Enroll
To enroll and to learn about the benefits to which you are entitled, visit the UCOP Travelers Insurance website.