Women’s Health

The Ashe Center Women’s Health Clinic offers a variety of services including well-woman breast and gynecologic exams (Pap smears), birth control advice, pregnancy testing and counseling, screening for sexually transmitted infections, and diagnosis of gynecological disorders.

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Obtaining & Refilling Birth Control

Women's Health Clinicians

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Now at The Ashe Center
Free Feminine Hygiene Products

​The Ashe Center, in partnership with Student Wellness Commission, now provides students with free feminine hygiene products all year long. Pads and tampons are located in two areas on each clinical floor of The Ashe Center (Floors 1-3), in dispensers located near the restrooms and on the clinic station counters. Please feel free to stop in for these products whenever needed.

Now Vending Plan B at Ackerman Union

ASUCLA and the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center recently partnered with UCLA Vending Services to install a special vending machine in Ackerman A-Level: The main goal of the machine is to provide students with cheaper, more convenient access to birth control products.​