Whether you’re volunteering/working on campus and need a TB test, traveling abroad for leisure or school and need travel shots, or simply want to be up-to-date with recommended vaccinations like a Flu Shot, The Ashe Center Immunizations Clinic is here for you.
Schedule an appointment through our Patient Portal to obtain a variety of immunizations. If you have never been seen at Ashe before, you must schedule an appointment with your PCP or the Immunization Nurse first. Learn more about prices for our most commonly requested services by viewing our Comprehensive Fees Flyer.
Immunization Requirements
California law requires students entering the University of California, who are 18 or younger, to provide proof of immunity to Hepatitis B prior to enrolling. The University Hepatitis B Requirement is a condition of enrollment here at UCLA and is strictly electronic; no paper documentation is required.
Students should review the requirement details as soon as they send in their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to the University (usually in April); the Hepatitis B Requirement is listed as one of the “Priority One” items in the New Student Guide for Freshmen.
Students should complete the online questionnaire and submit their information to The Ashe Center Hep B Requirement Portal by the beginning of their first quarter at UCLA (September/beginning of Fall Quarter). Please note, to log onto the Hep B Requirement Portal, you will need to use your UCLA log on ID and password.
Immunization Recommendations
We recommend that all incoming students provide documentation of vaccination or immunity to: mumps, measles, rubella, tetanus, pertussis, meningococcus, varicella, and Hepatitis B, and screening for tuberculosis, consistent with guidelines of the American College Health Association, California Department of Public Health, and the CDC.
CDC Recommendations

See the CDC website for information on Vaccination Records: Finding, Interpreting, and Recording.

We also advise students consider additional vaccination recommendations for influenza, Hepatitis A, polio, human papillomavirus, and pneumococcal pneumonia.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website offers more information on recommended immunizations for college students.  Take the CDC Vaccine Quiz today to learn about other suggested vaccines.