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 Active Faculty and Staff benefits are covered under the UCLA /VSP insurance plan, see an associate at U See LA for details)

What are my vision benefits under UC SHIP?

A.  An annual eye examination plus annual benefits for glasses AND contact lenses (benefit year is the school year except for certain exceptions including schools of law and medicine) 

How much will the exam cost if I have UC SHIP? 

A: UC SHIP members only pay $10 copay for the annual eye exam (with or without dilation). 

How much is it if I need a contact lens prescription too? 

A: The contact lens fitting and evaluation is an additional $49 to $79 on top of the $10 exam copay, depending on the contact lenses you and doctor will decide on. If you wear specialty contacts, there may be exceptions but your doctor can discuss this with you. 

What is my insurance coverage for glasses and contact lenses?

A:  Good news! Your annual UC SHIP insurance benefits provide coverage towards prescription glasses and contact lenses both!  Here are the details:

- Annual glasses FRAMES* benefits under the plan are $120 off the retail price plus 20% off the balance after $120. Frames range from under $100 to over $200 and we have a selection of frames that are 100% covered by the benefit. (*Non RX sunglasses are not covered by insurance benefits but do have a 20% discount for UCSHIP members)

- Annual  LENS benefits are applied either to Contact Lenses OR Glasses Lenses

- Annual contact lens benefits are $120 off your contact lens order (NOTE, contact lens prices vary based on type, your optometrist and optician will review options with you)

- Annual glasses lens benefits (if not getting contacts*) start at $25 per pair for single vision optical plastic lenses. Our lens of choice is polycarbonate which is thinner and lighter and has ultra violet protection built in, plus there are other options for high RX needs.


What other benefits do I get with my UC SHIP plan?

A:  Optos retinal imaging (extra fee applies). Discounted extra pairs of glasses (40% for complete pair after first pair purchase). Discounted eyeglasses lens treatments which include custom sun colors, blue light protection, anti-reflective coatings and transition lenses which get dark outside. Free glasses cleanings, adjustments and repairs. Manufacturer rebates for certain contact lens orders.

For full plan details for the 2018-2019 Blue View Vision Plan,click h​ere​.


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