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Our Mission
[FITTED] is a program designed to raise and retain consciousness of holistic health by providing free fitness and educational services to underrepresented student leaders on the UCLA campus; We do this through the initiation of dialogue between diverse groups as well as collaboration and partnership to create a welcoming environment that promotes personal growth amongst these students and ultimately influencing them to permanently incorporate the themes of our program as a way of life.
Our Team 


Project Director: Monica Aguilar

Assistant Director: Raj Kashyap

Workout Coordinator: Rebekah Reed

[FITTED] EATS Coordinator: Benjamin Slattery

Interns: Alma Isidoro, Andrew Ortega, Lily Wei 

Workout Component

Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00- 5:15 PM in Pardee Gymnasium. Designed for all levels of fitness, the program introduces participants to a wide expanse of exercises, equipment, and types of workouts. We teach proper form, safety, and modifications to ensure our participants are confident in their knowledge and able to challenge themselves. Come ready to sweat and have a good time!  


Tuesdays from 4:00- 5:00 in the Student Activities Center basement. A healthy snack is provided every Tuesday along with informative sessions taught by Residential Life’s Registered Dietitian, Eve Lahijani. Wide variety of themes covered including conscious eating, nutritional awareness, stress- management, body image, and more! This component takes a more holistic approach than the average "diet" program on the scene today. 

Workshop Component

Every 3 weeks, varying in theme, open to everyone! These workshops aim to provide participants with a spectrum of fitness and health topics outside of the [FITTED] workouts. Past workshops have included Martial Arts, Zumba, Kayaking, Hiking and more! Stay in touch with our Facebook and [FITTED] gmail to get information on our up and coming workshops!

[FITTED] 0.5

This program targets students that are overweight and/or live sedentary lifestyles. It is designed to provide students with a program that can help them address health issues as such and encourage them to participate in an active and healthier lifestyle. The program offers students one-on-one personal training sessions along with sessions with a nutritionist for a maximum of six sessions within a timeframe of three weeks in a given quarter. The personalized sessions provide the trainer with the opportunity to address the individualized and specific needs of prospective students in a safe environment. [FITTED] 0.5 ultimately serves as a funnel for students to continue being active in other [FITTED] programs or recreational classes. Students must be referred to the [FITTED] 0.5 from their Ashe Primary Care Provider and completed applications must be submitted at Ashe clinic stations. 

[FITTED] Level Two: Promoting Optimal Wellness (POW!)

Take your fitness to the next level! After completing the [FITTED] 9-week program you are eligible to apply for free 1-on-1 personal training through our POW! program. POW! Is a 8-week long program where you get the opportunity to reach your fitness goals with the help of a certified personal trainer. In this program, you will receive specialized fitness training designed to not only reach your fitness goals but also provide you with an advanced knowledge of exercise techniques and workouts to use beyond the program itself. 
[FITTED] Clothes Closet

We firmly believe that a quest for health and fitness should not be prevented by barriers or by a lack of resources. For that reason [FITTED] has created the Clothes Closet, full of exercise clothing and equipment available for loaning on a one- day basis or for the entire quarter. Here students can check out shirts, shorts, shoes, balls, etc. free of charge to supplement their fitness endeavors.

Bruins Movin' 

With support from UCLA Recreation and the TIE-INS UCLA program, Bruins Movin’ sends [FITTED] and volunteers out into the community to foster healthy habits within our youth in order to cultivate strong, capable leaders of tomorrow. We work with Brockton Elementary students on a weekly basis to instill in them a firm understanding and confidence in their physical capabilities. We promote active movement and diversity within our routines to capitalize on children's natural ability to learn quickly and have fun. If interested in volunteering contact 


Contact Information

Student Activities Center
220 Westwood Plaza Ste 105A
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1454

Winter Hours
  • Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 4:00 - 5:15 PM. Pardee Gym ​