BruinCare 2019-2020

The Ashe Center wants all UCLA students to feel comfortable accessing all of their medical needs through our facility, which is why we developed the BruinCare program. While many students waive the UCLA Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), these students are likely to still utilize Ashe services because of our center's convenience and central location. 

BruinCare is a program that gives students who have waived UC SHIP prepaid access to certain services at The Ashe Center.

Remember, all registered students have access to Ashe Center services (regardless of what insurance plan they have) but small fees apply for services rendered. 

By purchasing BruinCare, you eliminate the $12 visit fee, in-house lab fees, and $25 per x-ray procedure that students who waive UC SHIP incur on their BruinBill Account.


For only $60 per quarter (or $90 per semester for Law and Medical students), students get unlimited access to these core services during the academic year:


  • Ashe Primary Care Provider visits at no out-of-pocket cost​
  • ASAP Clinic visits (Same-day access plan)
  • Ashe Specialist visits for $40
  • In-house X-Rays at no out-of-pocket cost
  • In-house Lab testing (certain pregnancy, urinary tract infection, HIV and Strep testing) at no out-of-pocket cost
  • Female Pap Smear (not including STI testing)
  • Wound care / ear irrigation
  • Consultation with dietitian
  • Flu shot immunizations

Thus, BruinCare provides students (and parents) with the convenience of prepaid/low cost health care right on campus, rather than traveling to an outside provider.

Please note: BruinCare is NOT health insurance and does not cover emergency room care, services rendered outside The Ashe Center or non-core services at Ashe.

Additional Details
  • BruinCare is only available to registered UCLA students who have waived out of UCLA UC SHIP.
  • If you waive UC SHIP for the entire academic year and decide to purchase BruinCare, you must purchase it for the year.
  • There is no BruinCare for the summer. A spring term purchase of BruinCare does not extend into summer and coverage ends with the last official day of spring term exams.
  • For services not covered by BruinCare, you may request an itemized invoice via our website to submit to your insurance company for any possible reimbursement consideration.
  • If you purchase BruinCare and then lose your status as a registered student (i.e., withdrawal), you can continue to use The Ashe Center on a fee for service basis for the remainder of the term, but BruinCare coverage will cease and is non-refundable
  • If you withdraw at 100% in a term during which you purchased BruinCare, your BruinCare fee will be refunded and any services used will be billed to you.
  • With the exceptions noted above, BruinCare is not refundable after purchase.

What BruinCare Covers
  • Ashe PCP​ visits at no out-of-pocket cost
  • ASAP Clinic visits at no out-of-pocket cost
  • Ashe Specialist visits for $40
  • In-house X-Rays at no out-of-pocket cost
  • In-house lab testing (certain pregnancy, urinary tract infection, HIV and strep testing) at no out-of-pocket cost
  • Female Pap Smear (not including STI testing)
  • Flu shot immunization​