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How can I reduce my wait time at the pharmacy?

There are many steps involved in filling a prescription, which can sometimes create a wait time. While we want to maintain the shortest wait time possible for our patients, the accuracy and safety of your prescription are of utmost importance.   

To decrease the time that you have to wait for a prescription and to avoid having to wait in the pharmacy Drop-off Line, you may want to consider one or all of these options:
  • Request an electronic prescription
When you are prescribed a medication in The Ashe Center, you will be given the option of having an electronic prescription. This means that your prescription will be printed directly in the pharmacy. You MUST call the pharmacy to let us know when you would like to pick-up your prescription and how much medication you need. Your prescription will not be filled until we hear from you. The number to call is (310) 825-5497. When you are ready to pick-up your prescription, you can go directly to the Pick-up Line, avoiding the wait in the Drop-off Line
  • Visit the pharmacy at off-peak hours:
In our experience, the lines as the pharmacy are shortest between 8 and 11am, so if your schedule allows, you may want to arrange your pick-ups during those times.
  • Request an online refill