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What are prescription costs, with or without UC SHIP?

If you have UC SHIP insurance:

Prescriptions are only covered when filled at The Ashe Center Pharmacy or Anthem Blue Cross Network Pharmacy. If you have UC SHIP, your co-pays for prescriptions are lower at The Ashe Center pharmacy than at other outside pharmacies. The Ashe Center Pharmacy carries medications that are commonly needed by students and can special order medications that we do not keep in stock.

All prescriptions charges are based on a 30 day supply.
For 2011-2012, the following co-payments apply for each prescription:
Retail Pharmacies: The following co-payments or co-insurance amounts apply for a 30-day supply of medication.
Ashe Center Pharmacy:
  • Generic drugs $5
  • Brand name drugs $25

Participating Pharmacies:

  • Generic Drugs $5
  • Formulary brand name drugs $25
  • Non-formulary brand name drugs $40
  • Compound medications $40

The formulary may be viewed on the plan website, located at The formulary does not apply to prescription medications obtained at a student health center pharmacy.

If you don't have UC SHIP insurance:​ 

If you don’t have UC SHIP, the cost of your prescription will depend on the individual medication and the amount of medication requested. You can ask the pharmacy for the cost of your prescription before having it filled. Any charges for medications would be billed to your BruinBill account. The best ways to contact the pharmacy are by phone (310) 825-5497 or via secure message.​​