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What is BruinCare?

BruinCare is an alternative healthcare program that grants students who have waived UC SHIP unlimited prepaid access to certain core services at The Ashe Center. The one-time BruinCare fee for undergraduate students is $50 per quarter, $75 per semester for Law and Medical students.

Students essentially eliminate their visit fee(s), in-house lab fee(s), and x-ray procedure fee(s). Unlimited access is provided for such core services:

  • All visits with Ashe primary care providers
  • In-house laboratory tests
  • In-house x-ray procedures without need of specialized equipment

Please note that BruinCare is not health insurance. It does not cover emergency or urgent care visits, medical services rendered outside of The Ashe Center or non-core services at The Ashe Center.

There is no BruinCare for the summer. A spring term purchase of BruinCare does not extend into summer and coverage ends with the last official day of spring term exams.

For more information on BruinCare, please go to the Student Health website for additional details.