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Where can I find a (vision, dental, etc) provider in my area?
  • For Anthem network medical providers, you will only need to find them if it is deemed medically necessary by your Primary Care Provider (PCP) in the case that you need your referral written to a specific network provider.
  • All non-emergency medical services must be initiated at The Ashe Center. Students are automatically assigned a Primary Care Provider (PCP) who is either a licensed physician or registered nurse. You must obtain a written referral authorization from your PCP prior to incurring outside expenses. An Ashe referral will be written when medical care is not available at The Ashe Center or if a specialist is needed. UC SHIP will not pay for services rendered without an authorized referral and The Ashe Center does not grant retroactive referrals. You can submit your referral request during your appointment with your PCP, make an appointment specifically for a referral from your PCP, or send a secure message through the Patient Portal to your PCP, allowing 1-2 business days for an appropriate response. Referrals are not needed for vision or dental care, emergency room or urgent care visits.
  • If you are interested in receiving services that are not available at The Ashe Center from a particular Anthem network provider, you may visit Anthem’s website at Afterwards, please inform your PCP during your appointment or via secure messaging before making any appointment with the outside provider. Your Ashe clinician will first determine if it is medically necessary for an outside referral.
  • For Anthem Blue View vision providers, you may also visit Anthem’s website at, select the appropriate choices on the drop-down menus, and input your local address.
  • For Delta Dental providers, please visit, click on the link, “Find a PPO Dentist,” at the bottom of the page, and input your zipcode.