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I received a bill from the hospital or outside provider. Do I need to pay it?

    Specifically, the bill you receive from Anthem Blue Cross is called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Payment depends on who the charges have been sent to for claims adjustment. If your EOB indicates that your charges were incurred at The Ashe Center, then they have already been posted to your BruinBill, which you would need to pay within 30 days of the posted date. If the charges were from an outside provider, then you will need to confirm your patient responsibility amount indicated on the EOB and send the necessary payment to the outside provider’s office.

    To check your claims status and the amount you owe, please call Anthem Member Services at (866) 940-8306 and the automated system will request that you indicate the date(s) of service, or activate an online insurance account at for full access to your healthcare information.