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I think I submitted my waiver. How do I verify that it went through successfully?

    An approved waiver will always generate a letter with confirmation numbers that correspond to each academic term waived. If you submitted in the fall, there are 3 numbers for fall, winter, and spring, respectively, if you are a quarter student; 2 numbers for fall and spring if you are a semester student.  

    You must go to the menu page of the waiver website and select the option to review your transactions history to verify these numbers. If there are no transactions saved, this means your waiver did not go through. Oftentimes students mistake the last page of the application as confirmation because it indicates an amount that will be credited, but you must actually click on “Submit Waiver” for a result. 

    Please remember that you must submit a waiver every academic year. The waiver does not automatically renew every year.