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I am taking a leave of absence, withdrawing, or being dismissed next quarter. Do I qualify to get UC SHIP?
It depends.
  • If you file a completed Notice of Cancellation form with the Office of the Registrar before the term begins, your UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) coverage will be cancelled as of your status change (first day of the term), and your UC SHIP fee will be refunded. You are not eligible to continue your UC SHIP coverage past the last day of the previous term. You will be eligible to use The Ashe Center for the remainder of the term on a fee for service basis. If you are dismissed, you are no longer eligible to receive any services, and you will be billed for all charges incurred from the beginning of the term start date.
  • If you withdraw on or after the first day of the term, your UC SHIP coverage will continue to the end of the term, and your UC SHIP fee will NOT be refunded. 
  • If you withdraw at 100% on or after the first day of the term and waived UC SHIP, you will be billed full cost of services for the term. Your eligibility to use The Ashe Center will terminate at the end of the term.
  • If you withdraw at less than 100% and previously waived out of SHIP, you will be billed full cost of all services from the effective date of withdrawal for the academic term. For example, if you waived out of UC SHIP and withdrew at 90% on January 10th of a given year, you would be billed the full cost of all Ashe Center visits starting on January 10th of that same year. A basic visit would be $75, not including any lab or other additional charges.

You should continue to monitor your BruinBill account for up to six months after you have left the University for charges posted to your account. You will be responsible for any late fees or collection costs the university assesses to your account for non-payment.