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Why did I get charged for a "health insurance fee" on my BAR statement? I didn't ask for health insurance.

As approved by a vote of University of California students, and ratified by the UC Regents, it is an enrollment policy that all students must be covered by major medical health insurance while attending UCLA. All students are automatically enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) and charged a health insurance premium as part of their registration fees. This charge consistently shows on every academic term’s billing notice.

Policy Year 2014-15




$1,003.70 [Quarter]

$646.10 [Quarter]

$1,404.55 [Semester]

$1,938.32 [Annual]

$3,011.10 [Annual]



Please note that if you are receiving Financial Aid specifically with a grant to pay for UC SHIP coverage and accepted it, but decide to waive UC SHIP, the grant returns to the University.