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How will UC SHIP cover me while I’m traveling abroad, on break or out of the UCLA area?

Anthem Blue Cross is the medical insurance carrier of UC SHIP. Coverage on campus includes the BlueCard Worldwide program while abroad. Please always carry your Anthem ID card at all times.

You will still need a referral from your Ashe PCP—given a 1-2 day’s advanced notice—to continue your care outside of The Ashe Center. To ease the referral process, we encourage you to find a network Anthem provider near your destination prior to seeing your Ashe PCP so that you may discuss how the referral should be written. Please go to the BlueCard program’s provider finder here, or call (800) 810-2583. A list for your convenience of network Anthem hospitals and urgent care facilities will also be helpful to you in case of emergencies.

Traveling on academic business? The University provides a travel accident policy for all registered students with UC SHIP or without UC SHIP. This policy is administered by the UC Office of the President at no additional cost to you. In order to receive coverage for this benefit under UC SHIP, you must register prior to your trip. Coverage includes unlimited benefits for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains while studying and researching in a foreign country.

Please note that initiating outside primary care such as routine exams, immunizations, blood or lab tests, etc, will not be covered by the plan. The Ashe Center does not grant retroactive referrals for such circumstances.