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If I’m a registered UCLA student and have UC SHIP, what does it cost for me to use The Ashe Center services?
For Policy Year 2014-2015,
All visits, in-house lab tests, & diagnostic x-rays (not requiring specialized equipment) are prepaid by your UC SHIP Plan. All other services are subject to your annual deductible and 10% co-insurance, except massage. It’s important to understand the following terms: co-pay, deductible, & co-insurance, respectively:
  • CO-PAY: The amount an insured person must pay out-of-pocket for covered services performed by an Anthem Blue Cross network provider or an Ashe Center clinician. Some services subject to co-pay include: office visits, urgent care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, urgent care center, and emergency room fees. However, when you come to The Ashe Center for your care, most of your core services are prepaid. For benefits subject to a co-pay, there is no deductible required.
  • DEDUCTIBLE: The dollar amount of eligible expenses that an insured person must pay each policy year before the insurance company pays any major benefits. The UC SHIP plan deductible for the 2014-2015 policy year is $300.  The benefit year deductible does not apply for services provided at The Ashe Center or services with co-payments.
  • CO-INSURANCE: The percentage amount of eligible expenses an insured person must pay after the deductible is met. Please refer to your Anthem Blue Cross Summary of Benefits for co-insurance coverage information. Remember to refer to The Ashe Center website for an electronic copy of the Anthem Blue Cross Plan Benefits and/or call Anthem Blue Cross directly at (866) 940-8306 PRIOR to incurring expenses.
In The Ashe Center:
  • No charge for basic visits or triage visits with Ashe Center clinicians
  • Optometry visit charges vary depending upon the service provided
  • No charge for in-house lab tests
  • No charge for x-rays
  • 10% co-pay for EACH non-core lab test (for tests NOT listed on core list)
  • 0% co-pay for immunizations, injections, devices, and casts.
  • Chair massage is $15 for each 15-minute session
  • $15 for each physical therapy visit
  • $15 for each acupuncture visit
If you are referred by an Ashe Center provider to a network provider (specialist outside of The Ashe Center):

  • $15 co-pay within UC Family, $40 for in-network
  • Laboratory, diagnostic imaging testing, and mammograms are subject to the $300 deductible. After the deductible is met, patient pays 10% of the contracted rate.
  • $125 co-pay for each emergency room visit
  • Refer to plan document for services subject to the deductible, co-insurance and co-pays.

The UC SHIP annual deductible is waived for Ashe Center services. The Ashe Center medical services are subject to a copayment, co-insurance, or are at 100% with no financial liability to the student.