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What are the requirements for waiving out of SHIP?

In order to waive SHIP, you must be enrolled in a private medical health insurance plan that meets ALL of the following requirements:


1. You must be enrolled in a medical health insurance plan through a recognized company that has a claims office in the U.S. Foreign insurance plans with U.S. affiliates/representatives, travel insurance plans and reimbursement programs of any kind do not qualify, including reimbursement arrangements or vouchers from home governments or their U.S-based consulates.


2. Your private insurance plan must provide:
    • Guaranteed enrollment (no pre-existing condition limitations)  
    • Must cover at least 80% co-insurance
    • An annual out of pocket maximum of $6,350 or less
    • Medical care (other than emergency services) within 100 miles of UCLA
    • Hospital stays for all medical, surgical and mental health conditions without limitations
    • Doctor office visits for medical and mental health conditions
    • Medications prescribed by a doctor, including contraceptives
    • Medical services related to injury or illness caused by alcohol or drug use
    • Medical services related to injury from participation in all types of sports, excluding intercollegiate sports
    • Coverage per injury or illness must be unlimited
    • An annual prescription drug deductible of not more than $250, whether as part of the annual deductible or as part of a pharmacy deductible
    • Prenatal care without pre-existing limitation
    • Diagnostic services including laboratory tests
    • Preventive health care services, including and annual physical exam, preventive immunizations and laboratory tests to help determine your state of health.


3. International students must meet these additional requirements to be eligible for waiving:
    • Medical insurance policy, benefit summary, and other plan materials written in English
    • Claims payment office with a physical address in the United States
    • Benefits in your health insurance plan expressed in U.S. dollars
    • Plan covers at least $10,000 for a Medical Evacuation
    • Plan covered at least $7,500 for Repatriation of Remains