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I am an international student. Can I waive UC SHIP?
   Please contact the Student Health Insurance Office PRIOR to purchasing an international health insurance plan and/or attempting the waiver. It is strongly encouraged that you confirm with the office that your benefits meet the UC SHIP Waiver Criteria.
   Some of the criteria are as follows:
-         Your plan cannot have a pre-existing condition clause.
-         Your plan must be issued from a recognized insurance company with a U.S.-based and -operated claims office.
-         Your plan must have a policy written in English with benefits expressed in U.S. dollars.
-         Foreign insurance plans with U.S. affiliates/representatives, travel insurance plans and reimbursement programs of any kind do not qualify, including reimbursement arrangements or vouchers from home governments or their U.S.-based consulates.
   You may reach the office directly at (310) 794-5614 or email to to discuss these matters in detail and for clarification. For more of the UC SHIP Waiver Criteria, please go to “What are the criteria my private insurance plan needs to meet to waive UC SHIP?” for review.