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What’s the prescription plan under UC SHIP?
Prescriptions are only covered when filled at The Ashe Center Pharmacy, Anthem Blue Cross Network Pharmacy. The Ashe Center Pharmacy carries medications that are commonly needed by students and can special order medications that we do not keep in stock. All retail prescriptions are based on a 31-day supply.
Prescription Coverage for 2014-2015 UC SHIP: 
  • When filled/available in The Ashe Center, copays per prescription per month:
            i. $5 copay generic
            ii. $25 copay brand
            iii. $40 co-pay non-formulary
            iv. 100% coverage for prescription contraceptives –some
                conditions apply
  • When filled at a UC Family medical center (UCSF, UCSD, UCI, UCD) or Ventegra Pharmacy:
            i. $10 copay generic
            ii. $40 copay brand prescription items
            iii. $60 nonformulary
            iv. 100% coverage for precription contraceptives at UC Family medical
                centers. Some conditions apply.

  • When filled at a non-Ashe, non-Anthem Blue Cross pharmacy network provider:
If you choose to fill your prescription at a nonparticipating pharmacy, your costs will increase. You will likely need to pay for the entire amount of the prescription and then submit a prescription drug claim form for reimbursement. The pharmacist must sign and complete the appropriate section of the claim form to ensure proper processing of the claim for reimbursement. 
Members who submit claims from nonparticipating pharmacies are reimbursed based on a limited fee schedule. The fee schedule may be considerably less than the cost of the medication. You are responsible for paying any difference. 
A mail order pharmacy program is not available to UCLA students.
For more information, please refer to the Anthem Blue Cross Medical Benefits Summary.