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How do I get refills of my prescription?

There are TWO methods you can use to request a refill of your Ashe prescription. The preferred and most convenient method for most students is requesting a refill online. No matter which method you decide to use, we will need specific information from you in order to fill your refill. Unless you hear from us, you can assume that your refill is being processed and will be available for pick-up two business days after the request is received. Please remember that the pharmacy is closed on weekends and holidays. 

  •  How to request a refill:

    • Request a refill online: Requesting your Ashe refill online is the most convenient and time efficient way to request a refill. To request a refill online:
      1. Logon using your UCLA logon and password
      2. Select the “Prescription (Rx) Refill Requests” option.  This will take you into another application
      3. Select Messages
      4. Click on New Message
      5. Select “I want to request a medication refill for a prescription that I have
    • Come to the pharmacy to request a refill: You will need to
      get in the
      Drop-off Line at the pharmacy and speak to one
      of our pharmacy staff

  •  Information that we will need from you:
    • The name and strength of your prescription
    • Your Rx # (upper left corner of the label on your Ashe prescription)
    • Quantity of medication desired
    • Your local contact phone number
    • When you would like to pick up your refill