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How do I transfer my prescription?

Transferring to the Ashe Pharmacy:

You may transfer a prescription from an outside pharmacy to The Ashe Center. To do this, please call the pharmacy at (310) 825-5497. You will need to provide us with the following information:

  1. Your name and telephone number
  2. The prescription number of the medication to be transferred (upper left corner of label)
  3. The name of the medication to be transferred
  4. The name and phone number of the transferring pharmacy

We will contact the transferring pharmacy to arrange the transfer and will contact you when your medication is ready. Please be aware that it can sometimes be difficult to reach your transferring pharmacy and it may delay the time it takes for us to fill your prescription. We will contact you as soon as it is ready.

Transferring from the Ashe Pharmacy:​

To transfer your Ashe Center prescription to another pharmacy, please go to the pharmacy where you would like your prescription transferred and show them the medication you would like transferred. It is best to provide them with the actual container of medication so they can verify all of the information.  Please give them The Ashe Center prescription transfer phone number, (310) 206-2146, to arrange for the transfer. This phone number is different than the number that is written on your prescription. It is best for the outside pharmacy to call the number listed above to expedite the transfer of your medication.​