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The secure Ashe Patient Portal allows currently registered UCLA students to:
Make, cancel, and/or reschedule appointments
View your Ashe Center patient profile and change your assigned Primary Care Provider (PCP)
Communicate with your Ashe Center PCP/other clinicians via secure message
Request medication refills
Complete consent forms
Print/view itemized statements and immunizations you’ve received at the Ashe Center
To log on, you must enter your UCLA log-on ID and password.
Notice to Students
PERTUSSIS HEALTH ADVISORY: The Ashe Center's Infection Control Committee is monitoring a Pertussis (Whooping Cough) case on the UCLA campus. Please see the attached health advisory with information for students who think they may have been exposed.
Pertussis Health Advisory
Notice to Students
New to UCLA? Want a refresher on how to make appointments at The Ashe Center? We have scheduled and same-day appointments available for all registered UCLA students. All you need is your Bruin Card.
How to Make an Appointment

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This website was created to provide information and resources to the UCLA community concerning Dr. James Heaps, a physician formerly employed by UCLA, who has been charged with sexual battery in connection to care he provided at his medical practice.