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The secure Ashe Patient Portal allows currently registered UCLA students to:
Make, cancel, and/or reschedule appointments
View your Ashe Center patient profile and change your assigned Primary Care Provider (PCP)
Communicate with your Ashe Center PCP/other clinicians via secure message
Request medication refills
Complete consent forms
Print/view itemized statements and immunizations you’ve received at the Ashe Center
To log on, you must enter your UCLA log-on ID and password.
Notice to Students
The recent U.S. presidential election has raised questions among some of our students regarding their UCSHIP and student health services eligibility and benefits. In short, there are no changes planned for either the scope of benefits or student health services offered at UCLA. Click here to read the full letter to the editor from Ashe Executive Director, David Baron.
Letter to the Editor, Daily Bruin
Do you want to be heard? The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) works to ensure that our services address your unique needs.  Speak out!

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SHAC & Ashe Free STI Testing Ends
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SWC Winter Oral Health Fair
Deneve Plaza, 1-5pm Read More.
Health News
It's officially flu season. The best way to protect yourself is with a flu shot from The Ashe Center. Read more about this year's flu activity, including what to do if you get sick with the flu.