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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center


The CDC and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health have published interim public health recommendations for fully vaccinated people. Based on current recommendations, vaccinated individuals may refrain from routine testing.

If you have completed the COVID-19 vaccination process—defined as being at least 14 days since the second or final dose of the vaccine—you are no longer required to test at the UCLA community screening sites.

Beginning Tuesday, June 1, please bring proof of vaccination and your Bruin ID to either the Collins Court or Switzer Plaza testing site. Once verified, you will swipe your Bruin Card on a designated iPad kiosk for removal from the list of those who are required to test.

Some things to note:

  • You may continue to test, though it will not be required.
  • If you develop symptoms consistent with COVID, please contact your medical provider prior to coming to a testing site.
  • Continue to follow campus masking and distancing mandates, regardless of vaccine status.
  • IMPORTANT: Your vaccination record will not be stored and personal health information will not be recorded.
  • BE ADVISED: This process relates only to the testing requirement—any future request for vaccine verification related to a campus vaccine mandate is a separate, unrelated process.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to COVID-19 recovery on campus.


What has changed with UCLA's COVID-19 testing?

On June 21, UCLA will change from the SummerBio nasal swab to a UCLA lab (Swab-Seq) and a new saliva-based test. From June 21-July 9 you can walk into the test sites at Collins Court or Switzer Plaza without a reservation and take the new test. It is kit-based and fully self-administered/non-observed. Staff will be available to help learn the new, simple test. Effective July 12, tests will be distributed via vending machines placed around campus. There will be a small test site at 300 Bradley Hall for those who wish to continue testing in person.

Can I just walk in to test sites when it’s convenient for me to test, or do I always need an appointment?

Effective June 21 you no longer need an appointment to test. Simply show up to either Collins Court or Switzer Plaza between 8:30 and 4:30 to take your test. Two test centers—Collins Court at the Wooden Center and Switzer Plaza will remain open for in-person testing.

I’ve already received the COVID vaccine (or the first dose of the vaccine)—do I still need to test?

No. UCLA community screening guidelines have been revised and weekly community screening is no longer required for vaccinated individuals. To opt out, you must visit a COVID testing center on campus by July 9 and show proof of vaccination. Only then can students, staff and faculty cease with regular community screening. Note: This information will not be stored by the university to determine compliance with any potential future vaccination mandate decision.

Those who are unvaccinated will be required to continue testing, at least weekly, through summer and fall.

If I get tested somewhere else, how do I submit my results?

You can upload your results at this link. The document you upload must include name, date of birth or UID, date of test, and test result.


Why do I have to complete a COVID-19 test?

UCLA has implemented mandatory testing to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the number of individuals that may otherwise bring the virus to UCLA campus and local communities. Individuals were chosen for mandatory COVID-19 testing based on where they will be living, classes they are taking, the nature of their position at UCLA and their front-line role in welcoming students.

If you have received the COVID vaccine, you can now suspend weekly testing with proof of vaccination. See details above.

Why was I not instructed to complete a mandatory COVID-19 test?

Notifications continue to be issued about testing. If you have not been notified, but are coming onto campus, you are welcome to be tested. Call (310) 206-6217 for more information.

Note: If you have received the COVID vaccine, you can now suspend weekly testing with proof of vaccination, but you must visit a testing center to opt out. See details above.

Do I have to pay anything for the test?

No, there is no cost to you for surveillance testing if testing at UCLA through the Community Screening program (testing at Covel Commons, John Wooden Center Collins Court or, Switzer Plaza, or via the mobile testing clinic).

I did not get a link to schedule an appointment for testing. What can I do?

Beginning June 21st appointments will no longer be required/available. Until then, you can schedule an appointment by clicking here or walking up to one of our test locations for a walk-in appointment during the hours posted on our website. You cannot use a link provided to another staff/student, because that link is unique to their name.

Can I share my link with my colleague/friend?

No. The link is unique to your name. The link you received to your email should not be shared with anyone.

Why do some people need to get tested more often?

Testing protocols vary based on the cohort you are in. Some cohorts get tested every two weeks, whereas other cohorts will be tested more frequently. Individuals who have successfully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to test regularly with proof of vaccination. See the above update for details and how to opt out of testing.

If I test positive, will UCLA provide housing for me so that I won’t infect my family?

UCLA will provide housing to you, based on availability. Please call the Ashe COVID-19 Hotline at (310) 206-6217 for assistance.

What if I don’t have a computer or mobile device and so can’t receive email or register for the tests?

You can simply show up at either testing center and you can be tested. You can also speak to your department administrators who will assist you in arranging for testing.

I only come to campus a few hours per day. Do I still have to do this?

Yes, if you come to campus at least once per week, and are not vaccinated, you need to test. Your department likely determined that you are an essential employee and included you in testing. If you have questions about that, please contact your supervisor.

I am not a current student. Can I be tested?

It depends. If you are an alumni or not registered this quarter but have a Bruin ID, you can walk up to one of our test locations for a walk-in appointment. If you were never a UCLA student, you cannot be tested at our test locations at this time.

I am a UCLA Health employee. Can I be tested?

We are not currently testing UCLA Health employees. Please follow up with your supervisor for more information.

What are the consequences if I choose not to test?

  • Please note that the UCLA Community Screening Protocols have recently changed to accommodate individuals vaccinated against COVID-19. See the above update for details on opting out of regular community screening with proof of vaccination.
  • If you are a UCLA student, staff, or faculty who meets the criteria for mandatory surveillance testing in accordance with the UCLA Community Screening Protocol, you must comply with testing requirements as reiterated in the UCLA Summary of COVID-19 Public Health Mitigation Requirements. In the event you decline to participate, you will be subject to UCLA Procedures for Compliance and Enforcement of COVID-19 Public Health Mitigation Measures.
  • For individuals living in on-campus housing, if you fail or refuse to adhere to the testing protocol, you may be subject to exclusion from housing through the On Campus Housing Conduct Process and may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.
  • For students attending in-person classes, if you fail or refuse to adhere to the testing protocol, you may be subject to exclusion from campus, including prohibition from attending in-person classes, and may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.
  • For faculty and staff, if you fail to refuse to adhere to the testing protocol, you may be subject to exclusion from campus and may be referred for disciplinary action through the applicable disciplinary process.


Where does the testing take place?

There are two testing locations: Collins Court at the John Wooden Center at Bruin Plaza and also in Switzer Plaza. Note: Testing is no longer offered at Covel Commons or through our mobile testing unit.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Yes. You will receive a link in the communication the University sends, notifying you of the need to test. Follow the link to register for and schedule your test. Note that effective June 21 you will no longer need to make an appointment to test. Just walk in to one of the testing centers.

I don’t have a UCLA parking permit, is there free parking for this requirement?

There is no free parking offered for this requirement, but there is short term parking available at most UCLA lots at a prorated cost. Alternatively, there may be street parking available near campus if you want to avoid parking fees. Lot 4 is accessible from Sunset Blvd. (Sunset/Westwood) and is available for short-term parking, while Lot 7 is convenient to the John Wooden Center testing location.

What happens if I cannot make it to my scheduled testing date/time?

It’s no problem. Simply click the link you received, go back into the system and schedule a new, more convenient time. Please cancel your prior appointment, if possible.

I only work at night/weekends. When can I be tested?

Employees that begin their workday from 3:30pm - 6:00pm can test at Collins Court (at the Wooden Center) during our extended testing hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. On those two days we are open until 6:30pm (last appt. @ 6:20pm). For employees starting after 6:00pm, we offer testing in the Facilities Building (next to the co-generation plant), on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 9:30pm -11:30pm. The Facilities site is not a high-capacity testing site, but it is available to those who need it.

Can I get tested somewhere other than UCLA?

Yes. We accept outside test results but are unable to reimburse for any expenses incurred during community testing at an outside facility. Los Angeles County offers multiple testing sites, including one close to UCLA.

What if I am not comfortable coming to campus to get tested?

You can certainly test at another location, but you must meet the testing requirements for timing and you must submit your results. However, if you do not come to campus, you likely are not required to test. The exception is students living in graduate student University housing.

If I need to get tested somewhere else, will UCSHIP pay for it?

No. UCSHIP does not cover community screening. Los Angeles County offers multiple testing sites, including one close to UCLA.

What type of test is being used to detect COVID-19?

Either a self-collected mid-nasal swab or a saliva-based test.

Is the test painful?

The mid-nasal swab can be mildly uncomfortable, but it is more comfortable than a sample taken by a healthcare provider from the back of the nose. The saliva test is performed by spitting saliva into a funnel and is painless.


When and how will I receive my results?

Depending on whether your test returns positive or negative, you may receive a phone call or email/text message with a link to a secure site to get your results. Results should be available 24-48 hours after testing. On rare occasions, the turnaround time may be impacted by a surge of tests in the Los Angeles Community. Please allow up to 5 days before contacting us if you have not received your results.

What should I do if my test result is positive?

You will be contacted by a member of the UCLA Exposure Management Team. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, you must follow the County of Los Angeles Health Office order: 1) immediately self- isolate AND 2) notify your close contacts that they are required to be in quarantine for 14 days from when you last had contact with them. You should remain isolated for at least 10 days after the test results and until you are symptom-free.

What should I do if my COVID-19 test is inconclusive?

An inconclusive test result is not very common, however, if you receive an inconclusive test result, please schedule another test at your earliest convenience. You may not attend or teach in-person classes until you are retested and receive a negative result. You do not need to be tested more than once a week. If you cannot return for a test before the end of this current week, you may just proceed with your regular testing schedule.

Will this test tell me if I have already had COVID-19 and recovered?

No, this is NOT a test for COVID-19 antibodies, which are produced by people who have had the disease and have recovered.

Are the test results confidential?

Yes, the test results are confidential. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, UCLA may encounter situations where there is an articulable and significant threat to the health or safety of students or others. When acting in such situations and UCLA determines that it is in the best interests of public health or safety, UCLA may disclose information from an individual’s COVID-19 test. Such disclosures may include disclosures to faculty and staff, and other individuals who, in the University’s discretion, have a need to know such information due to a threat to the health or safety of a student or others. All positive results will be reported to the Los Angeles County, Department of Public Health, as required by the state.

Can I still go to work or class if I am waiting for my results?

Yes, as long as you do not have symptoms, and have not been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID, you are cleared to report to work or attend class.

If I cannot go to class, can I get a medical excuse note for my faculty?

Yes. Notify your faculty that you are waiting on your results. They may not need a note if you explain your circumstance. For assistance with a medical excuse go online and click on "Messages" from the Ashe Patient Portal. Select “New Message". Choose the option: “Request a medical excuse if you were unable to attend work or class, or unable to complete an assignment, examination or presentation.”


Do I need to be tested again even if I had tested negative for COVID-19 earlier this month?

Yes. However, if you have a negative COVID-19 test result that was performed within 48 hours of your scheduled testing period, it will be accepted (e.g. testing starts Wednesday and you had a COVID-19 test performed on Monday of that same week).

Do I need to be tested again if I had tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month?

If you tested positive for COVID-19 greater than 90 days of arriving to campus you may need to participate in the testing program. You must contact us to speak with a member of the Exposure Management Team to determine if you need to complete the test. Please have a copy of your test result when you contact us at (310) 206-6217.

Can I waive out of the testing requirement?

Individuals who have successfully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to test regularly with proof of vaccination. See the above update for details and how to opt out of testing. If you are still required to test and there is a medical reason that you cannot be tested for COVID-19, please contact us as soon as possible by calling (310) 206- 6217.

If I am doing 100% remote work or coursework, but I received notification that I need to test. Do I need to complete the COVID-19 test?

It depends. If you plan to participate in fully remote courses, do not come to campus to work, and /or are not living in a University owned residence, or coming onto UCLA campus, you will not need to be tested.

What happens if I am unwilling to participate in the University’s mandatory COVID-19 testing plan?

Community Screening for unvaccinated individuals in for specific groups is mandatory. If you are unwilling to participate, you may be prohibited from coming onto campus. In addition, your department and the Dean of Students office will be notified if you do not complete testing.

I only come to campus once or twice a month. Do I need to be tested?

If you come to campus less often than once per week and do not live in university-owned housing, you do not need to be tested. If you live in university-owned housing but do not come to campus weekly, you still need to be tested. Individuals who have successfully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to test regularly with proof of vaccination. See the above update for details and how to opt out of testing.


Should I report to work while I’m awaiting my test results?

You can report to work if your test is pending and you have successfully cleared your daily symptom survey (i.e. you have no COVID symptoms and you have not been directed to isolate or quarantine.

If I test positive, will I be off work and for how long?

If you test positive, you will need to isolate at home for at least 10 days after your symptoms began, or after your test date if you do not have any symptoms.

What if I have to be off to isolate but I don’t have any sick or vacation time?

If you have to quarantine or isolate and cannot telework, you can apply for a maximum potential entitlement of 80 hours of Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). EPSL hours are not deducted from an employee’s sick or vacation leave accruals.

What if I have used all of my COVID-related leave but have to isolate or quarantine?

If you have to quarantine or isolate and cannot telework, and have already exhausted all COVID-19 related paid leaves, there are several options available including Family & Medical Leave (FMLA/CFRA), sick leave, vacation leave and leave without pay.

Might I have to take LWOP for COVID?

If all available accruals (sick leave, vacation leave, comp time off, blood time) and all COVID-19 related paid leave entitlements have been exhausted, you may have to take Leave Without Pay.

Are there consequences if I choose not to test?

Those who opt not to test will not be allowed on campus and should consult with their departments. Please note: Individuals who have successfully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to test regularly with proof of vaccination. See the above update for details and how to opt out of testing.

Where is the information about my test results stored? Who has access?

Your test results are stored by the SummerBio lab that is processing the tests. The UCLA Exposure Management Team has access to those results for contact tracing purposes.