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For information about COVID-19 policies and restrictions on campus, please visit the UCLA COVID-19 resources website.

UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center

About the SwabSeq test

  • UCLA's SwabSeq test is a saliva PCR test. Results generally take 24-48 hours, sometimes longer depending on testing procedures.
  • We recommend submitting your test before 11am M-Th to ensure the fastest turnaround time.
  • Tests done after 11AM on Friday may not get resulted until the following Tuesday.

Please note

We cannot guarantee any turnaround times for travel, so if you need a test urgently or for travel by a specific date, we recommend scheduling an additional, backup test.

Limitations of testing for travel use

The no-cost testing paid for by UCLA (SwabSeq) was not implemented to provide documentation for travel. The SwabSeq lab provides an official copy of your lab report that includes your name, date of birth, and the test date (not the time), but that is all. We are unable to add other demographic information to your test result, i.e. passport #, lab technician signature, etc.

Travel testing requirements

You should first check with the airline and the state/country where you plan to travel for any important test report restrictions and/or requirements. If you need additional documentation or a specific turnaround time, there are labs in the community that will do the testing and provide a certificate for travel:

Additional local COVID-19 testing locations:

Testing disclaimer

  • The Ashe Center does not promote or endorse any outside provider/facility. We offer this information as courtesy to you.
  • Please confirm prior to testing that the outside provider/facility can generate the documentation you need.
  • COVID testing for travel may not be covered by UCSHIP or other insurance providers.