Health Insurance is mandatory for all UCLA registered students. All students are automatically enrolled in UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP) and may waive enrollment if they already have health insurance. If you choose to remain enrolled in UCSHIP, you will want to familiarize yourself with how to access care.

UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP)

UCSHIP is a systemwide plan providing enhanced health benefits to all enrolled students. All registered students are automatically enrolled in UCSHIP, but if you have comparable insurance and you do not want to keep UCSHIP as dual coverage, you must submit a request to waive enrollment by the specified deadline. In recent years, we have simplified the waiver process to be fully-automated for your convenience, but please remember that approved waivers are valid for the academic year in which they are approved, a new waiver application must be submitted each academic year to avoid automatic enrollment.

Insurance Office Announcements

UCSHIP Waiver PCP Mileage Requirement Change

For the 24-25 Academic Year, student’s will be required to show proof of in-person access to a Primary Care Provider (PCP) within fifty (50) miles of campus.

All changes must be in effect on or before the start of the term to satisfy university requirements.

UCSHIP Premium Increase FAQs

The new premium rates for UCSHIP will take effect at the beginning of the Fall 2024 term. Learn more about the need for premium increases for plan sustainability from the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC).

4th Floor Insurance Window

If The Ashe Center 4th Floor Insurance Window is closed or unavailable during your visit, students are encouraged to send secure messages through The Ashe Center Patient Portal to expedite your inquiry. Alternately, you can use the Contact Us Insurance inbox below.

Contact Us Inbox

Academic HealthPlans (AHP)

The new plan administrator for UCSHIP that processes all Voluntary UCSHIP & Dependent Care enrollment requests

1095 Forms and UCSHIP

Form 1095-B is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) document that may be used as proof that a person had qualifying health care coverage that counts as Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) during a tax year.

How to Access your 1095-B


Visit the new MyUCSHIP website designed specifically for UCLA SHIP students that includes information on getting care, benefits coverage, waiver info, forms/documents, and more.

MyUCSHIP Website for UCLA Students

Upcoming Deadlines

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UCSHIP Waivers

For information about the waiver process, including academic calendars, waiver criteria, and the waiver application link.

Information on Waiving UCSHIP

  • Please remember: A new waiver application must be submitted each academic year.

Everything You Need to Know About Referrals with UCSHIP

Photo of UCSHIP logo Video

Understanding Health Insurance
Video by Covered California

Covered CA logo Video is sponsored by Covered California and the Department of Health Care Services, which work together to help Californians get the coverage and care that are right for them.

The Ashe Center is UCSHIP Students' Medical Home


The Ashe Center serves as every UCSHIP student's medical home. Medical services must be initiated at The Ashe Center and a referral are required for all non-emergent services outside of Ashe. Claims will not be considered nor paid by Anthem Blue Cross without a valid Ashe Center referral.

Before seeking medical or mental health treatment anywhere outside of the Ashe Center or CAPS (e.g. out of state/out of country) you must receive a referral.

Mental health/substance abuse services must be initiated at UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and continued care may be referred to UCLA Behavioral Health Services or other appropriate resources.

Learn About Referrals

Waiving UCSHIP? Consider BruinCare!

The Ashe Center wants all UCLA students to feel comfortable accessing all of their medical needs through our facility, which is why we developed BruinCare. While many students waive UCSHIP, these students are likely to still utilize Ashe services because of our center's convenience and central location. All registered students can utilize The Ashe Center. BruinCare is a program that gives students who have waived UCSHIP prepaid access to certain services at The Ashe Center. By purchasing BruinCare during the waiver process, you eliminate the $25 visit fee, and more.

Learn more about BruinCare

Watch these quick videos to find out how the plan works and why UCSHIP may be the best plan for you:


Affordable Quality Comprehensive Video

UCSHIP Premiums & Coverage Periods

Each academic term, the UCSHIP health fee is billed through BruinBill along with other UCLA fees.

Early Start Programs

Early Start Programs Health Fee/per term Summer Coverage Fall Coverage
CSI, FSP, TSP $436.35 07/31/23 – 09/24/23 See Undergraduate
MBA (1st Year) $736.41 07/31/23 – 09/24/23 See Graduate
MSAUD (1st Year) $747.93 08/07/23 – 09/24/23 See Graduate

Undergraduates & Graduates

Program Health Fee/per term Fall Coverage Winter Coverage Spring Coverage
Undergraduates $1,067.49 09/25/23 – 01/02/24 01/03/24 – 03/26/24 03/27/24 – 09/22/24
Graduates $1,857.11 09/25/23 – 01/02/24 01/03/24 – 03/26/24 03/27/24 – 09/22/24
FEMBA (1st Year) $2,284.51 08/28/23 – 01/05/24 01/06/24 – 03/31/24 04/01/24 – 09/25/24
FEMBA (2nd & 3rd Year) $1,857.11 09/25/23 – 01/05/24 01/06/24 – 03/31/24 04/01/24 – 09/25/24

School of Law

Program Health Fee/per term Fall Coverage Spring Coverage
LLM $2,785.66 08/09/23 – 01/02/24 01/03/24 – 08/13/24*
MLS (1st Year) $2,785.66 08/14/23 – 01/02/24 01/03/24 – 08/25/24*
JD (1st Year) $2,785.66 08/10/23 – 01/15/24 01/16/24 – 08/25/24*
JD (2L & 3L), MLS, & SJD $2,785.66 08/21/23 – 01/02/24 01/03/24 – 08/25/24*

School of Medicine

Program Health Fee/per term Fall Coverage Spring Coverage
1st Year $2,785.66 08/14/23 – 01/07/24 01/08/24 – 09/15/24
2nd Year $2,785.66 09/18/23 – 01/07/24 01/08/24 – 09/15/24
3rd Year $2,785.66 09/18/23 – 01/07/24 01/08/24 – 08/18/24
4th Year $2,785.66 07/03/23 – 01/02/24 01/03/24 – 08/18/24

*Coverage End Date subject to change based on availability of 2024-25 Academic Calendars. 

UCSHIP Academic Calendar

Includes Coverage Dates, Waiver Periods and Fee Payment deadlines

2022-23 UCSHIP Academic Calendar

2023-24 UCSHIP Academic Calendar

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