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AAAHC & The Patient Centered Medical Home

In 2019, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) certified The Ashe Center as a Patient-Centered Medical Home. A Medical Home provides services that are patient-centered, provider-directed, comprehensive, accessible, continuous, and delivered to meet the needs of the individual patients served.

The Medical Home acts as the primary point of care for the patient and the relationship between the patient, their family, as appropriate, and the Medical Home sets the foundation.

Your Medical Home at UCLA: The Ashe Center

We have developed a Medical Home at The Ashe Center by assigning all students to a Primary Care Provider (PCP) who leads the health care team that coordinates all aspects of your preventive, acute and chronic needs using the best available evidence and appropriate technology. These relationships offer comfort, convenience, and optimal health throughout your time as a student at UCLA.

Your Care Team

Our PCPs are physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants with training in family practice, pediatrics, or internal medicine. The health care team consists of the PCP, medical assistants, license vocational nurses, clinical coordinators, and registered nurses. All non-emergency care is coordinated through the Ashe Center PCP, including referrals to specialists.

In addition to the consistency of the primary care provider assignment, the Medical Home model focuses on five key aspects of care:

The Patient/ Provider Relationship

Partnership between the patient and provider ensures that health care decisions respect patients’ wants and preferences while addressing their assessment and treatment needs. It also enables patients to receive the education and support to make personalized choices and participate in their own care.

Continuity of Care

Continuity is prioritized during appointment scheduling to ensure more than 50 percent of primary care visits are with the same provider team. Continuity facilitates consistency in care management and assures that your treatment team documents and reviews all important and relevant information in your clinical record.

Comprehensiveness of Care

Comprehensive care enables your primary care provider to optimally address all aspects of your healthcare needs. Prevention resources, wellness care, screenings, acute illness and injury treatment, and chronic care management are all available to you from your primary care team. The team can also provide referrals to community services as appropriate and collaborate with the community specialists or allied health professionals to ensure that you receive the best care.

Quality of Care

UCLA Ashe Center providers incorporate evidence-based guidelines and performance measures to provide the best quality clinical services. Providers assess the value of our services in meeting your unique needs to help The Ashe Center continuously improve our care. Guidelines and measures are regularly monitored and evaluated to ensure that they are current, effective and appropriate. Reviews include assessment of timely diagnosis, testing guidelines, referral patterns, and medication management.

Access to Care

Online appointment scheduling improves timely access to care, with appointments and virtual care options for all primary care needs available 24/7 on The Ashe Center Patient Portal. Same-day appointments can also be scheduled during business hours through our main appointment phone line. The Ashe Center also offers a 24/7 Nurseline by phone and LiveHealth appointments through video when your Ashe Center PCP is not available.

Patient-Centered Medical Home Infographic 2022

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