UC SHIP has a lot to offer you. Take a look at the UC SHIP Student Brochure, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, and Fees and Eligibility.

UCSHIP + Dental Care

Dental coverage is an included benefit within UC SHIP for undergraduate and graduate students. You can receive care at the dentist of your choice, but you will pay less by seeing Delta Dental PPO dentists.

In addition, you get regular cleanings and checkups with a Delta Dental PPO dentist for no cost.

Check out the Delta Dental Plan Summary to help you get the most from your plan.

Campus Smiles Dental

Students looking for a convenient dental provider can choose Campus Smiles. Campus Smiles is located on the second floor of The Ashe Center and accepts most dental insurance plans including the UCSHIP Delta Dental PPO.

Note: Campus Smiles is operated by an outside entity and is not formally affiliated with UCLA or The Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center.

Campus Smiles @ The Ashe Center

How to Locate In-Network (Delta Dental PPO) Providers

  1. Navigate to Find a Dentist on the right hand side of the Provider Finder page.
  2. Scroll down to Location, type in your city (e.g., Los Angeles) or ZIP Code (e.g. 90095)
  3. Scroll down to Select Network? and select Delta Dental PPO.
  4. Scroll down to Dentist, Practice or Keyword? and type in General Dentist.
  5. Click Search to generate list of Delta Dental PPO Dentists in your area.

UCSHIP Delta Dental Benefits

Delta Dental PPO Benefits Summary 2023-24

The chart below highlights what UC SHIP covers and how much you pay for services. Except for preventive care, you will pay a deductible for services you receive. After you meet the deductible, the plan will pay a portion of the cost. Certain expenses and services are excluded from coverage.

Delta Dental PPO

Other Delta Dental Networks

Annual Deductibles

Preventive and diagnostic services: $0

Other services: $25 per person

Preventive and diagnostic services: $0

Other services: $50 per person

Annual benefit maximums ​$1,000 per member, not to exceed a cumulative maximum of $1,000 each benefit year for network plus out-of-network dental benefits in total

$750 per member, not to exceed a cumulative maximum of $1,000 each benefit year for network plus out-of-network dental benefits in total

Fee schedule ​PPO providers agree to accept the Delta Dental PPO maximum allowed fee schedule.

You are responsible for the difference between the amount Delta Dental pays and the amount your out-of-network dentist bills.

See note about cost difference below.*

Preventive and diagnostic services

Includes oral exams; cleanings (twice every 12 months); X-rays (one bitewing series within 12 months); fluoride treatment

$0 20%

Basic services

Includes fillings and extractions; composite fillings on back teeth; endodontics (root canals); periodontics; oral surgery; night guards

20% after deductible ​40% after deductible

Major services

Includes prosthodontics; inlays/onlays; crowns and cast restorations

30% after deductible ​60% after deductible

Maxillofacial prosthetics

Not Covered ​Not Covered


Not Covered ​Not Covered

UCLA Dental Clinics

Looking for a dental facility that accepts the UC SHIP Delta Dental Plan or cash payment for services?

The UCLA Dental Clinics are providers of comprehensive, high quality and affordable dental care option for students who may need preventive and routine dental care. Depending on the case complexity, patient time availability and financial resources, treatment can be delivered at three different levels: dental students (with a supervising faculty member), dental residents and faculty group practice.

For more information, visit UCLA School of Dentistry  for directions, hours, and general information please call 310-825-2337.

To make an appointment, please call 310-206-3904.