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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center

UC SHIP has a lot to offer you. Take a look at the UC SHIP Student Brochure, Summary of Benefits and Coverage, and Fees and Eligibility.

Before seeking medical or mental health treatment anywhere outside of the Ashe Center or CAPS (e.g. out of state/out of country) you must receive a referral :

  • For a medical referral, you must first consult with your Ashe Primary Care Provider. You can contact your PCP by making an appointment with them at The Ashe Center (when possible) or by sending them a secure message via the patient portal with your diagnosis and provider information.
  • For a behavioral health referral, you must first consult with a CAPS case manager/brief counselor. If your providers deems it medically necessary to refer you elsewhere for care, they will provide you a referral.

Please note that any treatment pertaining to the diagnosis written on the referral will be covered under this referral. When making appointments outside of the Ashe Center or CAPS, note that you will have a patient responsibility depending on which tier structure you decide to facilitate your care. For a breakdown of these fees, please see the 2021-2022 Medical Plan Benefit Summary​.

Need a Medical Referral to a Specialist?

  • Schedule an appointment with your Ashe Primary Care Provider (PCP).
  • At your visit, if your provider deems it medically necessary, they will generate a referral for you.
  • Your referral will become active and available to view/print on the Patient Portal within one business day.
  • If you are a new patient to aspecialty clinic, the UCLA Physician Referral Service will call you to schedule the appointment. If you miss or do not receive a call, you can call them back to schedule at 1-800-UCLA-MD1. ​
  • If you are an existing patient in the specialty clinic, you can call the clinic directly to schedule. The direct phone number is listed on your referral.
  • Please note that only those actively enrolled in UC SHIP are required to obtain a referral from their PCP before seeking treatment with a specialist outside of The Ashe Center. The Ashe Center is unable to coordinate referrals for students who have waived UC SHIP. Non-SHIP students should coordinate their care with their own private health insurance company to verify coverage and benefits.

Need a Copy of Your Referral?

Your referral can be viewed and/or printed from the Patient Portal by selecting the tab: "REFERRALS". Please wait until your referral status says "ACTIVE" before calling to schedule your specialist appointment. Specialty clinic contact information will be on the referral.


You can contact the Ashe Referral Coordinator at (310) 794-5523 or log in to the Patient Portal and click on ‘New Message Referral Question.’

For questions about a Physical Therapy referral, you can call Ashe Physical Therapy directly at (310) 794-4923.

For questions about Radiology referrals (CT scans, ultrasounds, MRI's) you can call Ashe Radiology directly at (310) 825-4721.

If you are away from campus (outside of Los Angeles County), please contact the Ashe Insurance office at (310) 794-5613.