A full range of prescription medications in addition to over 70 over-the-counter medications available to students and faculty and staff with qualifying insurance plans

Hours of Operation

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays: 8am - 1pm, 2pm - 5pm
Wednesdays: 8am - 12:30pm, 2pm - 5pm
Fridays: 9am - 1pm, 2pm - 5pm

University Holidays

Bruin Health Pharmacy will observe all university holidays. For more information, visit the UCLA academic calendar.

If You're Feeling Sick

If you are sick, please send a well family member or friend to pick up your medication for you. You will need to contact Bruin Health Pharmacy at 310-825-5497, to authorize a proxy to pick up your medication.

How to Order Prescription Refills

Infographic Guide for Prescription Refills

Bruin Health UC Students/Staff Only

  • Electronic prescription through SureScripts
  • or Phone (310) 206-2146

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications Available at Bruin Health Pharmacy

Many of the over-the-counter prescriptions you'd buy at your local pharmacy are available at Bruin Health Pharmacy at a lower cost to UCLA students. Take a look at the price list below and drop into Bruin Health Pharmacy to purchase your over-the-counter medications during our regular business hours.

See the most recent OTC List

The over-the-counter medications list is brought to you in partnership with the UCLA Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC).

About Us

Bruin Health Pharmacy is located on the A-Level of Ackerman Union, A-250, and is available to all registered students in addition to UCLA faculty & staff with qualifying HealthNet Blue & Gold and UC Care insurance plans. We offer a full range of prescription medications in addition to over 70 over-the-counter medications.

Your Student Health Pharmacy

Unlike other healthcare facilities, The Ashe Center serves only the UC community. All of our services are geared towards your needs as a UCLA student. As such, Bruin Health Pharmacy and our clinical staff are a unique team that is here to support you in all of your healthcare needs.

Our pharmacy staff offers counseling and advice to students and works directly with clinicians to ensure you are getting the medication and care you need. We have a thorough understanding of health insurance policies and can help you obtain coverage and approval for your medications.

Bruin Health Pharmacy sells over-the-counter (OTC) medications that are commonly used and commonly recommended by our clinicians such as cold and cough medications, pain relievers, eye, ear and nose drops, personal hygiene items, condoms, emergency contraception (Plan B), topical antibiotic creams, anti-itch creams and vitamins. Our OTC pricing is very low, almost at cost. The cost of all over-the-counter medications you purchase will be billed to your BruinBill account.

We Serve UC Faculty & Staff

We accept the following UCLA Faculty & Staff insurance: HealthNet Blue & Gold and UC Care. We are able to service active UCLA Faculty & Staff.

Set Up Text Notifications

To set up text notifications:

  • First time patients can call 310-825-5497
  • Or, go to Bruin Health Pharmacy to set up


Ackerman A-Level

Map of Ackerman

What to Bring

  • BruinCard



Patients eligible to be seen are current students, past students of the most previous academic term, and other UC campus students.


Currently registered UCLA students


  • Brand Medications (Tier 1 & 2) $25-$40
  • Formulary Medications (Special Order) $40
  • Generic Medications $5
  • Some Birth Control $0


Currently registered UCLA students who have waived UCSHIP


  • Brand Medications (Tier 1 & 2) Full Cost
  • Formulary Medications (Special Order) Full Cost
  • Generic Medications Full Cost
  • Some Birth Control Full Cost


Ara Simanian, PharmD


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Dario Chavez, PharmD


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Jason Javaherifar, PharmD

Pharmacy Manager

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Shirley Ebrahimi, PharmD


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Bruin Health Pharmacy FAQs

Who can use Bruin Health Pharmacy?

Students enrolled at any UC campus and any UC faculty or staff member have access to Bruin Health Pharmacy services.

Where is Bruin Health Pharmacy located?

Bruin Health Pharmacy is located at 308 Westwood Plaza A-250 located in Ackerman Union, A-Level. You can access Bruin Health Pharmacy via the main stairway at Ackerman Union.

Can someone else check-in/ pick up prescriptions for me?

Yes. You may designate another individual, a PROXY, to pick up your prescription. Please notify the pharmacy in advance. Your PROXY must have their own photo ID, be over 18-years-old, and know your ID number.

What forms of payment are accepted?

For students, all charges will be applied to your Bruin Bill account within 7 to 10 business days. For faculty and staff members, we accept all major credit cards as well as Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay.

I just had an appointment. Is my prescription ready?

Please allow one hour for Bruin Health Pharmacy to process your prescription(s). If you have opted-in for text messages with Bruin Health Pharmacy, you will be notified once your prescription is ready.

Do you accept any returns on prescriptions?

No, once a medication leaves the Pharmacy it cannot be returned or exchanged.

What types of insurance plans are accepted?

For UC students, we accept UC SHIP and for UC staff or faculty, we accept UC Care and Health Net Blue & Gold.

Can I pick up more than a 30-day supply of medication?

Yes, depending on your insurance coverage period, and the original written quantity of the prescription.  

How do I know if I have refills remaining on my medications?

The lower left hand corner of your prescription label will indicate the balance remaining on your prescription.

How do I request prescription refills?

Go to www.studenthealth.ucla.edu, log in to the Patient Portal, click on ‘Messages,’ click on ‘New Message,’ then fill out your request. You may also make a refill request in-person or over the phone.

Can I refill a prescription from another pharmacy at Bruin Health Pharmacy?

Yes. We may transfer your prescription into Bruin Health Pharmacy. Provide us with the pharmacy name, phone number, medication name, and prescription number (if available). Transfers may take up to two business days to complete. 

What is your refill policy?

Please allow 1 to 2 business days for refills to be completed. Non-controlled substance refills are generally available 23 days after the previous fill; controlled substance refills are generally available 27 days after the previous fill.