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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center

Please note:COVID testing via the campus vending machines is available to UCLA students, staff and faculty only. Per UCLA policy, any unauthorized use of campus COVID testing is subject to review by the Student Conduct Committee.

The Ashe Center provides COVID-19 testing options to meet the needs of various populations living, learning and working on the UCLA main campus.

In-Person PCR Testing

224 Bradley Hall
​​​​​Mon - Fri 8:30am - 3:30pm

224 Bradley Hall is the only remaining in-person testing location available on campus for PCR testing.

*Please contact the Exposure Management Team for questions regarding COVID-19 testing.

Locate Bradley Hall on UCLA Campus Map

Testing for Travel Clearance

The no-cost testing paid for by UCLA was not implemented to provide documentation for domestic/international travel. If you need a COVID test to certify for travel, we recommend finding a community lab that will complete testing within the timeframe needed, and provide a certificate for travel.

If you need a test urgently or for travel by a specific date, we recommend scheduling an additional, backup test -- as sometimes tests come back inconclusive.

COVID-19 Self-Testing Vending Machines (PCR)

Information on the SwabSeq saliva-based testing process and COVID self-service vending machine directory is available. Bookmark this website for updates on community screening for the UCLA campus community.

COVID-19 Self-Test Information on Vending Machines, Including Interactive Location Map

IMPORTANT: Vending machines for COVID self-testing are NOT intended for individuals who are symptomatic. Any staff member experiencing COVID symptoms should contact the COVID Call Center before arriving to campus to initiate any COVID testing. Students can log into the Patient Portal to request a COVID test.

Community Screening Updates (Spring 2022)

All Faculty, Staff & Students Working, Living or Learning on Campus

  • The requirement for weekly COVID-19 testing (PDF) for everyone working, learning, living and/or participating regularly in programs on campus, regardless of vaccination status, through the campus vending machines and distribution centers, will continue through Wednesday, June 15 (subject to extension). In addition, all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, who are living, learning, working and/or participating regularly in programs on the UCLA campus, must continue to complete the UCLA Symptom Monitoring Online Survey prior to or upon arriving on campus, or each morning if living on campus. You must not come to campus for any reason other than a medical appointment if you are sick or if symptoms are present until clearance is obtained.
    • Diagnostic & Antibody Testing

      • The Ashe Center offers COVID-19 diagnostic and antibody testing for registered UCLA students.
      • Diagnostic testing is free to all registered UCLA students, regardless of insurance type.
      • Antibody testing is available to UCLA students, although it is not currently covered by UCSHIP. The cost is $47 that will be charged to the BruinBill account. This bill can be sent to the student’s private insurance company for reimbursement.
      • UCLA registered students: Please contact your Ashe Center primary care provider (PCP) for information on scheduling testing.

      UCSHIP Reminder: At-Home Testing

      The recent announcement made by the Biden-Harris Administration requiring health insurance carriers to cover the cost of at home testing starting January 15th is not applicable to UCSHIP since it’s a not-for-profit, self-funded health plan.

      UCOP has yet to determine if they plan to offer this benefit to enrollees.

      Important: UCSHIP will only cover COVID testing if deemed medically necessary (Symptoms or COVID Positive Exposure) with an Ashe Center referral. UC SHIP will not cover testing to meet event or travel requirements.

      Free At-Home COVID Testing from

      Residential households in the U.S. can order one set of 4 free at-home tests from Here’s what you need to know about your order:

      • Limit of one order per residential address
      • One order includes 4 individual rapid antigen COVID-19 tests
      • Orders will ship free starting in late January

      Order Free COVID Home Tests

      Community Screening

      The Ashe Center coordinates all community screening for any UCLA faculty, staff and students living, learning and working on the Westwood campus.

      Note: Students/staff must complete the daily symptom survey before arriving to campus for community screening. Those who have COVID-19 symptoms or close contact with someone who has COVID-19 should remain at home and call the COVID-19 Call Center at 310-267-3300 (for staff) or The Ashe Center COVID-19 Hotline at 310-206-6217 (for students) for further instructions.

      COVID-19 Community Screening Frequently Asked Questions

      90 Day Testing Exemption for Recovered COVID Patients

      If you recently tested positive:You do not need to test weekly until 90 days have elapsed from your positive result.

      • Those who tested positive through UCLA will be automatically exempt.
      • Those who tested outside of UCLA will need to request exemption by sending an email to with a copy of your lab report or a note from your clinician confirming when you tested positive. In the SUBJECT line write: “Positive test result on mm/dd/yyyy (date of test).”

      If you do not have an official copy of a lab report or a letter from a provider, you must retest with a PCR test and send a copy of your official lab report. You can do this when you come to campus at a campus vending machine or distribution center.

      How to Perform a Self-Collected Saliva Test for COVID-19

      UCLA Swab-Seq COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Video


      Community screening is free to all current UCLA faculty, staff and students. Patients eligible to be seen are current students and past students of the most previous academic term.


      Currently registered UCLA students

      Laboratory Tests

      • COVID Antibody Testing $47
      • COVID PCR - Medically Necessary $0
      • COVID PCR - Not Medically Necessary $0

      Waived UCSHIP

      Currently registered UCLA students who have waived UCSHIP

      Laboratory Tests

      • COVID Antibody Testing $47
      • COVID PCR - Medically Necessary $0
      • COVID PCR - Not Medically Necessary $0


      Currently registered UCLA students who have waived UCSHIP and bought BruinCare to get unlimited access to core services during the academic year

      Laboratory Tests

      • COVID Antibody Testing $47
      • COVID PCR - Medically Necessary $0
      • COVID PCR - Not Medically Necessary $0

      Fee for Service

      Students from other UC campuses or UCLA students who are not currently registered, such as during summer session or who were registered in a recent term

      Laboratory Tests

      • COVID Antibody Testing $47
      • COVID PCR - Medically Necessary $0
      • COVID PCR - Not Medically Necessary $0