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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center

UC's COVID vaccination policy announcement (6/10/21)

The University of California Office of the President announced June 10, 2021, that it is finalizing a policy that will require all UC faculty, staff, academic appointees and students to be vaccinated against COVID-19, subject to narrow medical exemptions and accommodations based on disability or religious belief.

UCOP has said that the final vaccination policy will be issued by July 15 and that they expect systems will be in place by that time to allow students and employees to begin uploading proof of their vaccinations. Additional information about how to request exemptions will also be available by that date. UCOP is alerting UCLA and other campuses now so that members of our community can make time to schedule and receive their vaccinations. Policy enforcement measures will be implemented to ensure compliance with vaccination requirements and to support campus safety for all.

This decision, which follows UCOP’s announcement of a proposed vaccination policy in April and the conclusion of a public comment period, will help protect the health and safety of the UCLA community and will facilitate our return to greater in-person campus operations.

According to the new policy:

- Vaccinations must take place at least two weeks prior to the start of the fall 2021 term, including for those already on campus performing essential functions.

- Those with approved exemptions or accommodations will be required to be masked in spaces designated in the final policy and to participate in testing at least once a week.

— UC Office of the President, 6/10/21

For questions about this new policy, please write to

Book your vaccine appointment

Please click below to schedule a vaccination appointment through the state or your local public health department.

  • Non-California residents should check their state websites
  • International students are encouraged to be vaccinated with any COVID-19 vaccine available in their country.

Once you receive your COVID-19 vaccine, please upload it into the Medical Clearances section on the Ashe Center Patient Portal.

Vaccine eligiblity and fact sheets

  • All California residents who are 16 or older will be eligible to book their COVID-19 vaccination starting April 15.

The Pfizer vaccine is authorized for people 16 and older. The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are authorized for people 18 and older.

You can see a simple comparison here in English (PDF) or in Spanish (PDF).

Please review the vaccine fact sheets and vaccine information from the CDC before your vaccination.

Read the COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

UC encourages COVID-19 vaccinations for university communities while reviewing policy requirements (4/22/21)

The University of California today (April 22) shared the details of a proposed policy on COVID-19 vaccination as part of its engagement with its community as it joins the California State University in supporting immunizations as part of an expected return of students, faculty, academic appointees and staff to in-person instruction across the state this fall.

Read the full statement from the UC Office of the President

Frequently asked questions about the new policy are available for students and families seeking guidance

COVID-19 Proposed Vaccination Policy, 4/22/21

COVID Vaccination & UCSHIP

As COVID-19 vaccines become more available to the general public, The Ashe Center Insurance Department would like to remind UCSHIP students that if you wish to have the vaccine administered anywhere outside of a pharmacy, a referral must be obtained from an Ashe Center provider PRIOR TO receiving the vaccine in order to prevent having any claims for your service denied.

Remember: All non-emergent medical services must be initiated at The Ashe Center and a valid Ashe Center referral is required prior to obtaining services with a provider outside of our center.

Vaccines at The Ashe Center

The Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center anticipates offering COVID-19 vaccination appointments beginning early August 2021. Please watch official UCLA and student health center announcements via The Ashe Center Patient Portal for more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have the opportunity to vaccinate against COVID-19 in your local community, we highly recommend you begin your vaccination schedule as soon as possible to promote the public health and safety of our entire community.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

The UCLA Health System has posted FAQs to answer clinical questions about the vaccine.

Campus Specific Questions

When will the vaccines be available for UCLA students?

Vaccine manufacturing and distribution are ramping up at a rapid pace, and many experts believe that vaccines could be widely available by Spring 2021. UCLA is planning to offer COVID-19 vaccines to our students as soon as vaccines become more widely available. The Ashe Center will send information to students as soon as it becomes available.

Can I get on a vaccine waitlist? Will I be able to get the vaccine by calling my doctor?

No. Because our distribution plan is based on state and county guidelines, we do not have a waitlist for the vaccine. We will contact you when we are ready to schedule your vaccine.

Will non-student family members covered by UCSHIP be eligible to receive the vaccine through UCLA?

Unfortunately, Ashe will be providing vaccines only to current UCLA students. Family members should check with their primary care providers and with the county (link) for vaccine options.

How will students outside of LA County coordinate access to the vaccine?

The Ashe Center will provide referrals for SHIP students who want to be vaccinated outside of the Los Angeles area. Non-SHIP students should contact their primary care provider for information about vaccines.

Will the vaccine be mandatory for all students and staff? Are vaccines required in such a way that students will have to show proof of vaccination?

Discussions are still underway. Regardless of whether they are mandatory, we strongly encourage all students to educate themselves on the vaccines and to get vaccinated as soon as they have an opportunity.

Will the vaccine be a requirement for those planning to live on the hill and on-campus housing?

This has not yet been determined.

Will there be exceptions for students getting the vaccine (due to medical reasons)?

If the COVID-19 vaccine is mandated, medical waivers will be available.

How do I submit documentation a COVID-19 vaccine given outside of the US?

If you receive a non-US approved COVID vaccine and it is not listed, choose the option “COVID-19-unspec non-US admin” and upload a copy of your COVID vaccination card for verification.  As long as you upload your vaccination card we can manually update your record.  Additional vaccines will be added to the list as they enter late-stage clinical trials and receive Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA.  We will manually change your vaccine name from “COVID-19-unspec non-US admin” when your vaccine becomes approved in the US.  Vaccines given abroad will be accepted for clearance with supporting documentation.

Billing Questions

Who pays for the vaccine?

At this time, the two mRNA vaccines are free because the U.S. government has purchased millions of doses. In the future, this may change: The government may purchase more doses, your insurance may cover the cost, or you may be required to pay out of pocket. If UCLA students get the vaccine on campus during the 2020-21, or 2021-22 academic year, there will be no charge.

How much will a COVID-19 vaccine cost?

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine doses purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars will be free to Americans, according to the CDC. However, vaccine providers can charge administration fees for giving the vaccine to people. Providers can get this fee reimbursed by a patient’s private or public insurance company. At this point UCLA has no plans to bill for the administration fee.

Does UCSHIP cover outside of LA County?

Yes, your coverage is in the Anthem Network, which is nation-wide.

Who can I talk to regarding my billing questions?

If you have questions about getting the vaccine somewhere other than UCLA and are a SHIP student, you can call the Ashe Insurance Office for a referral, if required.